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    How to Sex a Cat | Kitten Ads

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 07 April 2011
    If you want to buy a cat then knowing its gender is very important. If you already have a male cat or a female cat you may want to buy a kitten of the same sex to prevent breeding. Knowing how to sex a cat is a crucial skill and this article will explain how to determine the difference between a boy cat and a girl cat.

    Sexing a Cat – Helpful Hints

  • Hold the cat so that its rear end is facing you.

  • When you turn a cat around like this its tail should naturally rise up.

  • Now you can clearly see the underside of the tail of the boy or girl cat.

  • Next you can use the ‘colon rule’. If your cat’s bottom looks like a colon (:) then it is a male cat. If the bottom looks like a semi colon (;) then you are looking at a female.

  • If you find using the ‘colon rule’ difficult then you will need to try something else. Look at the distance between the cat’s urinary area and anus. If you notice that both of these points are close together then you are looking at a female cat.

  • If you have a male cat then you will notice that the urinary area and the anus are far away from each other.

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