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    How to select a cat breeder?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 16 September 2011

    Cat breeds very fast and though the breeding process might sound easy, it is not and breeding requires a lot of knowledge and experience. When deciding to buy a new kitten, a potential cat owner should learn everything about the cat breed he or she are interested in. That will definitely help to avoid mistakes, errors etc. There are many cat breeders but without recommendations it results impossible to check weather it is good or bad one.

    First of all, one should follow his instinct and select a breeder who is rather open person and with friendly attitude. When contacting a cat breeder he (or she) should have no problem in answering your questions or any doubts you might have regarding the breeding process or the cat breed you are interested in. If you want to see the breeding area, the cat breeder should be eager to show you this and also present you the parents of the kittens that are for sale. A perfect breeder should also give you some tips and teach you how to take proper care of the kitten you have chosen. Remember to double check weather the breeder you have contacted has all the written contracts that cover all aspects of the sale and that everything is clear to you. It is good to choose a breeder that is active in the cat community, for example, that he belongs to the Breed Council and/or participating in the local cat club.

    Try to avoid breeders that operate very large catteries as this might be a sign that they are set on profit only and might not consider top quality and care. Try to test the breeder’s knowledge and honesty by asking questions about the breed, its health problems, concerns, some important issues you might need to know. On other side, be aware that many of the cat breeders might not sell you a breeding cat until you show them adequate knowledge of how to breed a cat!

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