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    How to properly groom a Sphynx cat?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceWednesday 23 November 2011

    If you are owner of a Sphynx cat you already know that although they are not furry friends, they need a lot of grooming. If you would like to buy a Sphynx kitten and are searching for information, you must know that this cat breed needs a lot of grooming and care. Read the article below to learn how to  properly groom a Sphynx cat.

    This cat breed has a very fine coat that makes it possible for some people who are allergic to cat’s fur to pet it without worry. This is also thereason why the Sphynx is more sensitive to temperature than other cat breeds. It also makes bathing at least once a week necessary as they do not have enough hair to absorb the oil produced by their skin. However, if you are a Sphynx cat lover, there is no need to worry as cleaning a Sphynx cat is easy.  

    The first thing before bathing your Sphynx cat is to prepare all the materials and products. You might throw the towel in the dyer to warm it up and have it ready after the bath. Now pour tepid water into the tub or a sink. Make sure the water is lukewarm as the skin of Sphynx cats is very sensitive and burns easily. Now take a small amount of shampoo (remember that all the products must be designed for cats!) and mix it with water in a small container using your hand. Take a sponge and dip it into the container and let it absorb the shampoo. Put your sphynx cat into the tub and use the sponge to scrub the body of your cat. Remember to clean carefully all the parts: feet, toes, anus (if you are a Sphynx owner, you know what we mean). As a sponge is too harsh to use on a cat’s face, use cotton balls to clean the back of your cat’s ears and the skin under her eyes. Once you’re done soaping your cat, rinse her off with water. Depending on the condition of your cat’s coat, you may opt to shampoo her twice. Swaddle your cat with a towel after you’re done bathing her.

    Do a final rinse, take the cat out of the bath and swaddle them in the towel. Be gentle as their skin is sensitive and you can cause sores. After cleaning all of the skin folds above the nails, clean the toenails themselves with moist cotton rounds. I trim nails with a human fingernail trimmer and I find there is less splintering of the nail. Remember that the first rule of Sphynx grooming is that any product you would use on a baby's skin is alright to use on your Sphynx. And be careful when grooming:Sphynx cats have very sensitive skin!

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    Text source: ehow; image source: curious animals
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