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    How to play with your cat outside?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceTuesday 26 July 2011

    Depending on the cats breed, they might be more or less playful. However, the truth is that majority of cats are especially active outside as there is always something going on that may interest them. If you have a possibility to take your cat outside read this article to know how to play with your cat and enjoy the sunny weather with your kitten.

    You can always take some toys outside like strings or any of your cat’s favourite toys. Simply approach your kitten and offer it the toy, your feline will instantly get curious about it and will react. The fun starts when you start moving the toy so simply make your kitten jump a little to catch it. You can also try walking down to the bottom of your garden and your kittens will probably follow you enjoying chasing you around. You might also try to chase your kitten – some cats do enjoy it! Another trick is to hide in some place (behind a bush or wall) so your cat can look for you. If it's dry, lie down in the middle of your garden. Your cat will come over to see what you are doing. In this situation some cats will go and lie next to you or start batting you with his paws. Others might run around, trying to get your attention.

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