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    How to organize the trip with your cat?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceTuesday 28 June 2011

    Majority of cats love to spend time in the environment they know well. That is why many of cats owners decide to leave their beloved felines at home rather than taking them on holidays with the whole family. However, cats need a lot of attention and need to know there is always somebody taking care of them. Another reason for people not to leave their felines in catteries or other boarding services.

    If you decide to take your cat with you, you must bare in mind that the trip might result difficult if it isn´t prepared well. First of all, cats aren´t easy to travel. They might find their carrier not big enough to stand up or turn around. It might get your cat a little bit stressed when going to the vet so imagine what might happen if you take your cat to the longer journey! 

    After making sure your cat might move in the carrier, get your cat accustomed to travel. If travelling by car, try to take your cat on short rides from time to time and then offer it rewards after the trip. This will help to get its positive attitude toward travelling. You might use a calming spray prior to placing a cat in the car. Also the familiar scent might help comfort your cat. 

    Remember to make sure that your kitty is in good health before travel and that it is safe to take it with you. Should you have any doubts, always consult it with the vet. 

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