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    How to organise your holidays with your cat?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceMonday 27 June 2011

    If you are planning holidays and you have not decided what to do with your beloved feline, you can learn here what to do with your kitten to enjoy your holidays.  All cat owners are very passionate about their kittens so very often they face a difficult choice whether to leave the cat at home alone or get the professional boarding service.

    Kitty goes with you

    If you decide to take your cat with you, make sure you prepare your travel well enough to enjoy your holidays later on. Read our article here to find out more about travelling with your cat.

    Kitty stays home

    If you decide to leave your kitten at home it’s crucial that you provide it a regular care. Cats need fresh food and water so you should get your neighbours or pet sitter to look after your feline.  If you are planning a longer journey you should bare in mind that your kitten might want some time in fresh air.

    Boarding Cattery?

    Although it might result difficult, if you do not find anyone to look after your kitty, you should try to find a boarding facility while you are away. Choosing a suitable cattery for your kitten is very important decision so you can learn more useful information here.

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