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    How to microchip your cat?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceTuesday 28 June 2011

    Taking your cat on holidays with you should be the biggest motivation to get your pet micro chipped if you still have not done it. Cats are naturally curious and unpredictable animals. Each year thousands of lost or abandoned animals are taken in by shelters and charities and unfortunately, in most of the cases, they cannot be reunited with their owners. In the event that your cat strays away a microchip is your kitten’s best chance of return.

    During the summer you tend to travel a lot, taking your pet with you or leaving it at home alone might cause you more troubles than benefits. If your cat is not micro chipped and it gets lost in unknown environment it might be difficult for your kitten to find its way back home. 

    Microchip is the best permanent method of pet identification and increases your chances to be reunited with your kitty in case it goes missing. To microchip your cat you should ask at your local shelter or vet. Animal microchips are about the size of a grain of rice and are implanted just beneath the surface of the skin. The process itself is painless to pets. 

    Click here to find out more about microchipping your cat.

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