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    How to make your tabby cat happy?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceTuesday 20 September 2011

    Tabby cats are not a cat breed though they have many characteristics that make their owners to think so. The typical ‘M’ marked on their forehead is one of those features. However, the tabby cats might be any feline that has a distinctive coat featuring stripes, dots, lines, etc. and they might be found among any cat breeds. Tabby cats are domesticated and easy to care for. There is hardly any difference in taking care of tabby kitten than as for any other cat. They are happy to live both outside and inside, they might be short-haired or long-haired and come in many colours. As far as short-haired tabby kittens are easy to look for, long-haired cats need grooming and bathing at regular basis. Below you can find a few tips where you can find the most important areas in order to keep your tabby cat happy. 


    Remember to provide your cat with high-protein diet. Cats are carnivores and that is why they should eat meat rather than be put on vegetarian diet. Give your cat a rich-protein food that proceeds from animals, although a small amount of vegetable is allowed in its diet. Keep your cat’s water fresh and clean; remember to change it quite often as well. While you should provide a constant access to water, you should feed your tabby cat at the same time each day to establish a predictable routine. Use a variety of different foods; combine both wet and dry food and any ingredients for feeding. 

    Cat friendly home

    Make sure your flat or house is cat friendly. Check whether all the windows to which your cat has access are closed, small objects such as coins or clips are secured etc. Sometimes owning a cat is like owning a baby – you can use child-proof locks on cabinets, especially on those where you keep chemicals or food that might result dangerous for cats. Never leave your cat in the kitchen while cooking or near the lighted candles or fireplaces. Make sure the breakable objects, such as lamps, mirrors are secured with adhesives. It is recommended that all the cables or extension cords are kept under carpeting in order to prevent chewing behaviour. 

    Have fun

    Your cat can get bored easily so you should provide it with some entertainment, games, etc. You can think of getting a scratching posts or mats and place them near the objects your cat is currently obsessed with. It might help a lot to preserve your furniture and it will also get some more fun for your cat. Teach your feline how to use it by scratching them yourself (at least at the beginning!). You can provide a cat-climbing tree from a pet supply store and secure it away from ceiling fans, bookshelves or other potentially dangerous objects. Think of playing with your cat, the best thing is to find some time every day and at the same time. Try various cat toys, change them so your kitty does not get bored.

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