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    How to make Halloween safe for cats?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 21 October 2011

    Remember that during the Halloween you should not only plan what costume to wear but also make sure to protect your cat from tricks (and treats) this holiday. Learn article below and find out how to make Halloween safe for cats.

    This year plan parties on Halloween and gear up for trick-or-treaters with your cat in mind. Good holidays are those when everyone have fun! You should think of your felines needs and keep cats indoors for its safety. Trick-or-treaters will open your door throughout the night, so safely secure your cat inside your house. Although the threat is probably minimal, many people are concerned for example about black cats during this time of year. It's better to keep them inside.

    Remember to distance cats from decorations. Keep your cat away from garlands of ghosts that can tangle up your playful cat or, worse, tempt him into eating them. Use special caution around Jack-o-Lanterns and any other decoration that might have a candle because of the potential fire hazard. Corriveau’s release says some decorations, especially stringy ones like fake cobwebs, can cause life-threatening digestive conditions if ingested. Also if you plan to put your cat a costume remember it cannot be constrict. Never put a costume on your cat that could constrict her breathing or movement. Some suggest that the rule should be: Never put a costume on your cat. It's recommended you hide the Halloween Candy. Chocolate is especially toxic, and cats can fall ill from ingesting other Halloween candy as well. Chewy candy and gums can potentially choke cats or cause intestinal obstructions, according to Corriveau. She adds that lollipop or popsicle sticks and foil wrappers also can become lodged in cats' throats or digestive tracts.

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