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    How to Make a Cat Like You

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 07 April 2011

    If you are having trouble with your cat and it seems to hate you then you will be at your wits end. If you are getting scratched by your cat or if it simply runs away from you; this article will help you to make your cat like you. 







    Making a Cat Like You 

    • Kneel down – if you kneel down you are a closer height to the cat. By being a similar height to the cat it will feel less intimidated by you. When you kneel down you should stay calm and quiet to make the cat as relaxed as possible. 

    • Wear Gloves – if you are scared that the cat will scratch and claw at you then it is a good idea to wear long sleeved clothes and gloves. It is much better to be clothed and relaxed rather than agitated wearing a t-shirt. 

    • Give Treats – try treating your cat, if the cat realises that you are a good source of food and not a person that could harm him then he is more likely to be affectionate. 

    • Stroke the Cat – if you stroke the cat gently on the forehead this is a dead cert the cat will like you. 

    • Treat the Cat with Love and Care. 

    • Feed the Cat – if you are the one that feeds the cat and changes and cleans it’s litter tray the cat will start to love and feel affection for you. 

    • Never Raise Your Voice – if you shout then you will frighten the cat. 

    Top Tips to Get a Cat to Like You 

    • Be less threatening by getting down on your knees. 

    • Let the cat approach you first if you can. Let the cat sniff your hand before you go to touch it. 

    • Massage the cat’s forehead and tickle it under the chin. 

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