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    How to Make a Cat Happy

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 07 April 2011

    Cats are easily pleased so having a happy cat shouldn’t prove too difficult. This article will help you learn how to have happy cats with as little effort as possible. 

    Heath Care

    • Make sure that your cat is healthy.

    • Watch out for lethargy and tiredness. 

    • Have regular checkups with the vet to make sure you have a healthy and happy cat. 

    • Cats are creatures of habit, if something is wrong you will notice a change in their routine. 


    • You should regularly groom your cat. 

    • How to make a cat happy is easy, grooming can make a cat really relaxed and it helps keep their fur in tip top condition. 

    • If you need to give your cat a bath make sure that you make the experience as calm as possible. Use a slip proof matt and keep the water away from the cats face. 

    • Make sure that you know how to clip your cat’s nails if you are going to attempt this; otherwise you can cause your cat pain and it probably wont end up a happy cat. 


    • Feed your cat on time, cats love to have a schedule and know when and what they are doing. 

    • Experiment with cat foods, cats love a bit of variety and if you feed them good quality, tasty food then you are bound to have happy cats. 

    • Make sure that your cats always have clean, fresh water to drink. 

    • If you have more than one cat, keep them happy by giving them individual feeding dishes. 

    Be Affectionate 

    • Cats like to be shown affection so you should spend time with them whenever you can. 

    • Make sure you play with your cat or they will get lonely. 

    • Happy cats are so much fun to have so treat them with kindness and you will be rewarded with a great pet and a happy cat. 

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