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    How to Look After a Cat | Kitten Ads

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 07 April 2011
    Caring for cats is time consuming and very important if you have or are considering buying a cat. Complete cat care is essential and you must look after and monitor your pet’s health and happiness. If you are buying a young cat then kitten care is just as important if not more so; you will need to train your cat as well as keep him healthy. If you are unsure about the level of care a cat requires then think of your cat as a young child. Your pet will be completely dependent on you and cats can easily live up to 20 years of age so they are a massive commitment.

    Some cats take much more care than others so if you are thinking of buying a cat but do not want to do a lot of grooming then buy a short haired breed where cat care will be at its minimum. This article will advise you on the most important parts when you care for cats.

    Complete Cat Care

    Care for Cats – Nutrition

    • Giving your cat a proper diet is an essential part of caring for cats. You will need to feed your cat once a day and sometimes more frequently than that so you will not be able to leave your home for days at a time.

    • There are lots of options for feeding your cat you can buy pre prepared meals or make your own cat dinners at home.

    • Many commercially prepared foods claim to have found the perfect balance of nutrients in their cat food but this is not always true. As part of a cat’s care you should make sure you research the food you choose well so that you are sure your cat is getting what he needs.

    • Making your own cat food at home is usually a good idea and is often very simple. You can find lots of cat food recipes online for you to try.

    • Kitten care is slightly different. As with dogs and puppies, kittens and cats have different nutritional needs so check with a vet to get some dietary advice.

    Complete Cat Care – Grooming

    • Luckily for cat owners care for cats in the grooming department is usually quite an easy task. Cats are very hygienic animals and groom themselves regularly.

    • Long haired and short haired cats obviously have very different grooming needs so you will have to take this into consideration.

    • Grooming products are also different between breeds so you will have to be vigilant.

    • Kitten care is also different; a kitten’s skin is very sensitive so you may need to use special kitten shampoo when washing your cat.

    • You will need to clean your cat’s ears regularly as part of complete cat care.

    Caring for Cats – Health

    • Cats like to play and exercise; have toys and scratching posts around your home so they can have fun while keeping fit.

    • Choose to use a good and trusted veterinarian so they can give your cat the best care when he is under the weather.

    • Cats need certain vaccines this is a particularly important part of cat and kitten care.

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