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    How to keep your cat safe in the summer?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceWednesday 29 June 2011

    Summer is a great season when you can relax and enjoy great weather and your holidays. Do not forget that your cat needs your help to enjoy it just as you do. There are many hazards awaiting for both of you so it’s better you make all the necessary arrangements before.

    Make sure your cat has enough shadow area so it might relax and have a rest from high summer temperatures. Provide your cat with extra bowls of fresh and cool water and try to add an ice cube to get your cats attention and of course, to have the water cooler! We recommend you get some space for your cat indoors as well. High temperatures and humidity might be fatal for your kitten. It is good to have some cooler space at home so your cat might spend some time indoor, especially during the afternoon hours. Always keep poisonous and dangerous plants away and keep your kitten away.

    Keep poisonous and dangerous plants away.

    Take special precautions when traveling with your pet no matter how you choose to travel.

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