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    How to Keep an Outdoor Cat Cool in the Summer?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceWednesday 29 June 2011

    Finally you can enjoy summer and plan your holidays. However, you should remember that apart from all the things you like about summer, there are many hazards that are waiting for your cat. Heatstroke and dehydration are life threatening conditions and are very dangerous for your kitten especially during the summer days. Learn how to keep your outdoor cat cool during the summer high temperatures and enjoy your holidays with your beloved feline.

    Cats are very intelligent animals and if they are give proper resources, they can stay cool on their own. However, you need to follow few simple steps so your feline is safe and sound all the summer. Provide your cat a comfortable bed in a shaded area. Remember to leave your kitten several bowls of fresh and cool water. You can also freeze some water so it will melt slowly and provide cool water later during the day. Extra ice cubes in your kitten water bowl to attract its attention and cool the water down. If the temperatures are really high, you should also refill the bowls more often and change the water as often as you can.

    Try to keep your outdoor cat inside and not outside when the temperatures are high. Let your cat access some cooler rooms and maybe to areas with tiled floors. You can wrap a towel around a bag of frozen peas and place it in her outdoor bed so your kitten might lie on it to cool down. Also daily brushing will allow the air to move freely through the fur.

    Remember that during the summer your cat is more likely to suffer from heatstroke or dehydration. Learn here how to recognize them and how to deal with them.

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