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    How to keep a cat warm outside in winter?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceMonday 31 October 2011

    Winter time is approaching and there are many cats that live outdoors. It is important to keep their safety in mind during the winter months. Read the article below to learn few tips to make sure your outdoor cat stays warm and healthy this winter.

    Keep your cat well groomed. Matted and ungroomed fur does not provide as much warmth as a well-groomed and shiny coat. Make sure you brush your outdoor cat regularly if this is possible. Giving your outdoor cat(s) a good supplement rich in essential fatty acids can also help keep his/her coat in optimal condition. Feed your outdoor cat a little extra during the winter months. Cats that stay out in cold weather need extra calories to stay warm. Make sure your outdoor cats have a generous amount of food available at all times. Dry food does not freeze so having dry food available is a good idea. Make sure you store any food off the ground in a sealed container to prevent mice from contaminating your cat’s food supply. "Brr.I need a warm place to sleep!" Provide safe and warm shelter for your outdoor cat. Make sure your outdoor cats have a safe and warm place to sleep. There are many options. You can purchase a pet igloo which is heated. You can try a heated dog house or build a wooden shelter. Place a generous amount of cat beds off the ground so your cat has a warm place to sleep. You can also use a generous amount of straw to add warmth to your cat’s shelter. This is a good option because it does not freeze in cold weather. You can use a wooden grate to elevate your cat’s bedding off the ground. You should try to place any shelter you provide in a place where there is less wind so there is less of a draft. There are also many heating sources you can purchase that are safe and that can help to keep your cat(s) warm and toasty when the mercury drops. Make sure your outdoor cats have an unlimited water supply. Water freezes quickly when it gets cold. Keep a close eye on your cat’s water bowl and be prepared to refill it regularly. There are also heated pet bowls on the market that can help prevent water from freezing. cat nex to water bowl "I'm thirsty.Please fill my water bowl often." Monitor your cat’s mobility once the cold weather sets in. Arthritis is a common problem in middle-aged or older cats but it can be exacerbated in cold weather. Monitor your cat for symptoms such as limping, difficulty jumping, and generalized soreness. If you are noticing any of these signs, speak with your veterinarian. There are many supplements and medications available that can help to keep your outdoor cat more comfortable should this become necessary. Beware of ice melting products. Many ice melting products contain chemicals that can burn or irritate your cat’s feet. Purchase a pet-friendly ice melter that can prevent injury. If the mercury drops below 30 degrees, it is always best to bring your cat indoors. Following these simple strategies can help to keep your outdoor cat comfy, happy, and warm this winter should he/she prefer to stay outdoors. How do you keep your cat warm during the winter months? We would love to hear your ideas!

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