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    How to keep a cat safe in the car?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 22 July 2011

    Although both cats and dogs are really cute when riding in a vehicle with their head stuck out the side window or sleeping on the driver’s lap, we should be conscious of the fact that it is very dangerous. It does not matter if we are travelling to a vet, supermarket or for a longer journey – the probability of car accident is the same.

    Here you might find some useful tips on how to take care of your cat during the travel and how to provide your cat safety in the car. First of all, you should not allow any pet to ride in the front passenger seat if it weighs under 60 pounds (27kg). You should think about buying a pet restraint specially made to keep the pet from being injured should you encounter a collision.

    When travelling long distances you should also prepare mentally your cat for that. It might sound ridiculous but it would be good if you talk to your cat – it’s like a treat for a dog! Avoid squeaky cat toys as they might drive you mad after few hours driving.

    To make your cat more comfortable try to spray your car of a home scent or put a shirt of the person your cat loves (even if it is yours). Before leaving on the longer trip remember to practice with the cat, put him in the car and take short trips to acclimate him to the interior of your car.

    Learn more on travelling with your cat here.

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