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    How to keep a cat calm during fireworks?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceTuesday 26 July 2011

    If your cat gets crazy during the fireworks or any other very noisy events, you should read this article because the problem might be easily fixed. It is absolutely normal that your cat hides under blankets, runs around and acts like a crazy… your feline just hates the sound of fireworks.

    First of all you should bare in mind that although you are enjoying watching fireworks, they are driving your kitty crazy at the same time. Try to close the window so you save the noise coming in. Closing doors and windows will stop some of the sounds from coming into your house and maybe your cat will still be frightened but it will not get totally scared.

    You might try to get your cat into a room that is far away from the noise source. Be careful when picking up your feline as they might get aggressive and start to jump. It depends on the personality of each cat – bare it in mind. Having a person they love and trust might help them to go through the firework event – talk to your cat in calming words, try to play some relaxing music etc. Bring your cat some food or water, be sure to have a treat just in case near you.

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