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    How to keep a cat away from electronic cords and plugs

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 23 May 2013

    It is hard enough to keep a baby or a young child away from hazard prone electronic devices however a cat can be even trickier. Thankfully there are a number of tips you can follow to stop your cat going close to such places and protect your precious loved one. Not only is your cat’s life in danger but so to your electrical devices that keep your house working and safe.

    Here are lists of deterrents you can take to stop the electrical attacks!

    1. First of all you should know the layout of electrical devices in your house and understand your cat’s ability to reach them. Any electrical equipment at “cat level” needs to be protected and then any equipment that a cat can jump to also needs to be protected. Remember also that electronic devices that you cannot reach don’t necessarily mean you cat can either… Devices behind fridges or washing machines, a cat can easily sneak to and disturb.

    2. Unplug and hide unnecessary appliances and cables in a safe cat free space. Any devices you are not using should be hidden away. Not only does this help provide more space and less clutter in your home, it will make it impossible for your cat to play with these things. It only takes a few moments to put these away and bring them back out again so just do it.

    3. Consider using wireless technology. The world is changing and technology leads the way. Now having around 15 cables behind your television, DVD player and surround system is no longer needed. You can easily upgrade to wireless systems. This means that areas of dangers are deeply minimised. Wireless technologies are now cheap and easy to use.

    4. Position your furniture around areas of danger. If you have a section full of plugs then place a desk or sofa so it is blocked out of sight. This will make your house look more attractive plus will be out of reach of your cat who will not be able to damage these appliances.

    5. Now we come to the inevitable. If you have read points 1-4 and haven’t yet been able to provide a practical solution then we have to look at actually protecting the wires themselves. Tape any dangling cords. It is mainly the dangling that attracts the cat in the first place. This means it will no longer move and also blend in with the surroundings so it will not attract as much attention.

    6. Make the cords and wires taste bad. Cats hate certain smells and tastes. If you cover these cords in a thin layer of something like lavender oil, citrus juice or deodorant then the cats will hate this sort of thing. Cords can also be covered with tin foil as most cats do not like the alkaline taste and double sided tape as cats hate stick things. When the plus are not in use then cover up the sockets with covers. These can be purchased from a variety of places and are the same things you would buy for a baby.

    7. Other than prevention, you can also use action. If you catch your cat new the sockets or cables then shout out no or make a loud noise. Also keep a water pistol ready to squirt it when it is going near. This will help send a message that this behaviour is not allowed. Obviously keep the water pistol from firing directly at the electrical equipment

    8. Some devices you use in your house such as the iron will require you to have a chord dangling about. When doing such tasks like ironing or vacuum cleaning then try not to have the cat in the room as they will be enticed to play with the chords.

    9. Your cat is likely to be chewing these chords because it is bored and has nothing to do. Why not give it some toys or grass to chew so it will choose this over your electronic devices? Something as simple as a plastic straw will be perfect to deter the cat away.

    Check the state of your cords regularly as a damaged cord can cause a fair. You should repair or replace if you notice any damage at all.

    Also keep away things such as strings, threads and elastics away from your cat. This encourages chewing behaviour and also very dangerous if these materials enter your cat’s body. If they swallow any part of the chord then take your cat to the vet immediately. These foreign objects are dangerous for a cat’s insides.

    Source: Wikihow

    Photo: oskay


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