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    How to introduce your new kitten to an older cat?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceWednesday 31 August 2011

    If you have decided to get you a new kitten you should take your time to introduce it to the older one. Although you might simply want to get your cat a company, an adult cat may interpret it in different way and not be satisfied with a stranger in its territory.

    Think how you would react about meeting someone new yourself. A proper behaviour is a key for good relations. You definitely wouldn’t rush into someone’s home, sit on the furniture, lie on the beds and eat his or her food without even being asked. Introducing a new cat to other domestic pet has its principles. Simply bringing a new kitten into the house, placing it on the floor and expect­ing the cats to get on with if may result quite noisy and painful for both cats and sometimes their owners.

    First of all, both kitten and adult cat should feel themselves secure and comfort­able. It is also vital that you prevent the kitten from being chased, cornered or otherwise assaulted. Always supervise both cats during the introductions. Watch the body language of each closely and try to spot the danger signs. Flattened ears, a low body posture and wide, staring eyes with dilated pupils indicate fear. A stiff body, a 'pounce' posture, a fixed stare with narrowed pupils and a lashing tail all show tension and the threat of aggression.

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