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    How to Introduce a New Cat

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 07 April 2011

    Introducing a new kitten to your other cat or cats could be tricky. However, with the right steps taken, a new cat does not have to be daunting for the old one. If you take the necessary actions, introducing kittens can be much less stressful for all involved. See the following advice on introducing a cat.




    Before introducing a new kitten, you should start your preparation as early as you can. You can do this by making sure that you give your old cat plenty of extra attention and affection in the days running up to the new arrival.

    Before the new cat arrives, ensure that you have everything needed for it, such as new water/food bowls, a litter tray, scratching post etc. When introducing kittens you must be fully prepared in advance.

    Bring your new cat to your house in a crate and place it in a room where the door can be closed. When introducing a cat like this it is best to feed and water it in this room. The new cat should be in this room for at least one night and day, and sometimes more if necessary.

    Next, let the cats sniff each other through the room’s door. Introducing a cat like this means they can become used to each others’ smells under the door.

    After a day or evening has passed, swap the cats over. Put the new cat into the old cat’s space, and put the old cat in the new cat’s room. The old cat may not be too pleased, but it is the best way that he can become used to the new smell. Always ensure you are giving both cats plenty of attention. Leave them for a day or night in their new areas.

    Introducing a New Kitten
    Now it is time for introducing a new kitten formally. Bring the new kitten in his crate and put your old cat up to it. This will give protection to both cats just in case. The cats will probably sniff each other and may make hissing sounds. If the tension is too much, separate them.

    It normally takes just under a week before the cats become comfortable with each other. For this week you should make sure they are separated when you are not at home, and only bring them together when you are in the house.

    With some patience and time introducing kittens will have been successful.

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