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    How to identify an Exotic cat?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 28 October 2011

    Exotic cats are great house cats as they prefer the indoor environment. They are affectionate and good lap cats. Exotic shorthair cats, unlike most breeds, are happy to be left alone and so are perfect for working families. They are quite priivate and reserved cats although when offered attention they will never refuse. Read the article below to learn how to identify the exotic cat.

    Exotic cat has been on the cat world scene since about 1960. They are a mix of a Persian Longhair and an American Shorthair cat. The Exotic is also known as Exotic Shorthair. The exotic cat is a large and stocky breed. They are a cross breed of the Persian and British Shorthairs and unlike most cross breeds you can see features of each. The Exotic cats long, thick plush coat, that stands away from the body is from the persian side while the small rounded ears and chunky legs are from the British Shorthair. The exotic cat is a beautiful, soft coated cat who looks adorable which ever way you look. They have squashed faces and are very unusual looking.

    Start from examing the coat of the cat. The coat tends to be longer than most shorthairs. It should be dense and almost springy. The coat doesn't sit close to the body. Look at the body of the cat. The body tends to be sturdy and elegant looking. They are strong and muscular.  Study the head of the cat as the Exotic Cats tend to be massive and a bit chubby. The head sits atop a very muscular neck. The ears are set close to the face which appears fairly round. The nose should be short and broad.  Feel the tail of the cat. The Exotic has a short tail that is low set on the body and is without curves to the end. Stare deep into their eyes. The eyes are round and wide set. The coloration of the eyes will match the coat. For white haired cats they are blue; for black haired cats, they are copper in colour.

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    Text source: ehow; image source: fotopedia

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