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    How to identify a Siamese cat?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 28 October 2011

    Siamese cats are known for their grace, elegant colors and oriental eyes. A group of breeders came together wanting to develop a more extreme oriental look with a wedge-shaped face. These cats are a medium sized breed with a long slender body that is graceful, elegant and toned. The Siamese cats are very streamline and are deceptively heavy. They have long hind legs with small oval paws with a delecate triangular head. Siamese cats are distinctive by their large, pointed ears and their oriental, slanted eyes. They have a short coat to match their sophisticated appeal. Read the article below to learn more on how to identify a Siamese Cat.

    First of all. look at the cat's eyes. All Siamese have almond-shaped eyes. Blue eyes among these cats are very common. You won't find many cross-eyed cats these days so don't use that as an identifying mark. Examine the shape of the ears. There's nothing extraordinary about the traditional Siamese ears, but newer breeds made to look more "oriental" will have long ears in comparison to the length of their heads. They also are set more on the sides than on the top of the head. Study the body shape of the cat. "Applehead" Siamese cats have more bulk and won't seem different from other cat's bodies you've seen before. "Wedge" heads, however, were bred to have elongated, thin limbs and long necks. Also you should check the length of the fur. You should find colour points on their noses, ears, paws, lower legs and tails. Run your hand down the cat's tail. The more Oriental breeds have long, thin tails. Traditional Siamese have the kind of tail you're used to seeing on domestic cats.

    Siamese cats are extroverted animals that constantly are seeking for your attention. They are loyal cats that enjoy company. They are happy to stay indoors as long as they are given attention. Siamese cats tend to get along with other cats of similar breeds, but may be territorial with other breeds.

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    Text source: ehow; image source: fotopedia

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