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    How to identify a Persian cat?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 28 October 2011

    Persian cats are very quiet and calm cats. They are definitely good indoor cats as they are not very active and enjoy being warm and cosy. Persian cats love affection and make great lap cats. Those beautiful and elegant cats have undergone some change in the course of breeding after the '80s. Read the article below to learn how to identify a Persian cat.


    You can start by studying the cat's face. Traditional Persians have doll faces that distinguish them from the Ultra or flat face of later breeds. Later look at the eyes. Persian cats have round, full eyes, unlike Oriental types that have almond-shaped eyes. The colour of the eyes of your Persian cat may be bright or gold-flecked with prominent pupils. Persians have short, pointed ears that tend to tilt forward. Look for fur protruding from the hollow of the ears. Watch the cat walk and check if he has short legs. Persians are heavy cats with thick bones, unlike the lithe Siamese. This makes them great comfort cats. Try to pet the cat and feel how soft and silky the coat is. A clear identifying mark of a Persian is its long, beautiful fur. Assess the colours of the coat. While Persians can be any colour, they are generally grouped by solid colors, silver (white), golden, smoked, tabby, tortoiseshell, two-colored and Himalayan, which have the cream base, color points and blue eyes like the Siamese cat. The Persian cat's tail should be long and particularly thick with fur and look like a heavy feather and it's difficult to feel the end of it.


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