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    How to Hold a Cat | Kitten Ads

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 07 April 2011
    Cats are excellent pets and make such good companions for both the young and old. Knowing how to show your cat affection and hold a cat properly is important. No animal likes to be handled badly and if a cat is in distress then it might scratch the child who is holding it poorly. Just teach everyone who needs to know how to pick up a cat properly using the simple guidelines set out in this article.

    How to Hold and Pet a Cat

    • Cats like to be well supported when being held. Make sure that you have one arm under their bottom so they feel safe.

    • Don’t hold a cat too tight, squeezing cats is never a good thing. Particularly watch small children when they handle cats, they are soft and cuddly but remember they are not toys.

    • If you have had enough of holding your cat don’t throw him on the floor just because you know they will land on their feet. Cats like to be treated gently like any other animal.

    • Pet a cat where he likes to be stroked. How to pet a cat is easy as there are simple rules you can follow. Usually cats love having their heads stroked but hate people touching their tummy and feet. Always remember to pet a cat in the direction of hair growth.

    Pick up a Cat that is Happy

    Holding a cat that is contented is much easier than trying to hold a cat that is unhappy. If you want to pet a cat for hours and be loved in return then you need to make sure you do a few simple things:
  • Keep your cat’s litter tray clean. Cats are very hygiene conscious so keep them happy by regularly replacing cat litter.

  • Make sure you do not buy any toxic plants. Cacti and holly are two examples which you might not expect; so do your research before buying a new plant.

  • Praise your cat and treat him whenever he shows you good behaviour.

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