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    How to help your cat beat the heat?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceWednesday 08 June 2011

    There are several tricks you might do to help your kitten survive the hot summer temperatures. Make him drink water by providing several bowls with fresh and cool water. Try to add an ice cube in order to attract your kitty’s attention and of course to cool water. Leave the bowls inside but don’t forget to get some extra water outside.  

    If your cat likes to stay outside, remember to provide it a cooler place in a shadow where it can cool down. You can also help your kitten to survive hot weather by keeping it indoors in a cool interior room and even by rubbing it down with a damp towel or by wrapping a cold compress around its neck. The good idea is also to put frozen peas in a plastic bag and a towel and place it in your cat’s bedding so it can enjoy its private spa in the hot weather. 

    However, if you notice a weird behaviour and any symptoms mentioned here try to cool your cat down as soon as possible by immersing it in cool water, wrapping cat with wet towels and get the vet immediately. Heat stroke is a life-threatening condition.

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