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    How to have a well-behaved cat?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceWednesday 31 August 2011

    Cats are intelligent animals and although they like to go their own ways and are quite independent, fortunately for all cat owners, they can be trained. Peeing all over the house or clawing curtains can be easily prevented with an appropriate training. Learn below how to do it.

    A good cat owner should understand the cats’ behaviour. Although they can be every emotional and loyal, they want to be petted and played with, cats typically much cooler companions and sometimes it might seem that they care less about humans. However, it is very likely they behaviour has its reasons. Peeing on your Persian rug does not change the fact for your cat that its litter box is dirty. Cats are quite logical creatures, and in most cases, there is a clear explanation for your cat's behaviour. Bear in mind the nature of cats. They are hunters and very territorial. They like to jump onto high places and are curious creatures that activate especially during the night whereas can sleep over 50% of the day! Cats defecate away from where they eat and they like to scratch things (and they need to scratch things to keep their claws healthy). You should know how to get rid of all the energy they have by fulfilling their needs. Cats like objects that amuse them such as houseplants, curtains that blow in the breeze, electrical cords, shoelaces, feathery boas left on the backs of chairs and open garbage cans. They will never respond to physical violence, they might only get scared.

    Take your time to understand your cat needs and take appropriate measures to resolve the problems in its behaviour.

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