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    How to Groom a Cat

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 07 April 2011

    Learning to groom a cat is very important as it has so many benefits. Cats are hygienic and will naturally groom themselves daily with their tongue; sometimes they need a bit of help though especially when they are kittens. This article will give you some tips on cat grooming. 




    Benefits of Grooming a Cat 

    • Promotes better circulation. 
    • Tones their muscles. 
    • Keeps fur soft and clean. 
    • Removes dead skin cells. 
    • Takes away any dead or loose hair from the coat. 

    Cat Grooming – Brushing 

    It will depend on the breed of cat that you have as to what cat grooming supplies you will need. If your cat has short hair then you will need a brush with soft bristles so the skin won’t get scratched or sore. You should be gentle when brushing, grooming should make cats purr with enjoyment. If you make the grooming process a good one then you will have no problems when you need to groom your cat next time. If you want to give your cat a little extra shine then you can use a clean, soft cloth to wipe the fur. 

    Long haired cats do require more brushing time and you will need to use a wide tooth comb which is designed for cats to remove the knots and tangles. After you have been over the whole cat with the wide comb you can use a smaller one to work out the little stubborn knots. A toothbrush is a fantastic thing to use to brush the cat’s face, they are soft and work a treat. You should avoid the eyes and whisker areas when brushing as cats do not like this. 

    Grooming a Cat – Bathing 

    Cats do not need to be bathed regularly as they take good care of themselves. There are some occasions though when you will need to bathe a cat and it can be a tricky business. If your cat has fleas, gets incredibly dirty or gets something poisonous on its fur then it is time to bath your cat. 

    Cleaning your Cat’s Ears and Eyes

    The ears and the eyes of a cat are extremely sensitive parts of their body but there are things you can use to keep them clean when grooming a cat. Cats with light coloured eyes develop stains and there are solutions which are specifically designed to prevent this problem. 

    Cats do manage to collect a lot of earwax and it is important that you remove it when grooming a cat. If you clean out as much wax as you can then it will improve the cat’s health and help to prevent infections. You can also buy cat wipes which you can use on the ears, eyes and teeth. 

    Grooming Little Cat Paws

    Cats love to scratch furniture but you can help to eliminate this problem by keeping their paws clean and their nails trimmed. You can buy nail trimmers for cats in pet shops but it is essential that you know how to do it to avoid hurting the cat. If you are unsure about clipping cat nails then ask your vet to show you how. You should also provide a scratching post in your home to the cat can keep its nails to a reasonable length. 

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