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    How To Get Rid Of the Smell of Cat Urine | Kitten Ads

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 07 April 2011
    While owning a cat offers a lot of pleasure, there are some aspects to cat ownership that aren’t so favourable. While getting rid of cat urine is one of the least glamorous parts of owning the pet, it is one of the essential tasks you’ll need to carry out to ensure your house doesn’t smell of cat pee.

    Getting the House Free From Cat Urine

    It can sometimes be very difficult to get cat urine off floors and furniture. However, purely for sanitation reasons it’s important to tackle the problem quickly and effectively. The first part of the cleaning process is probably the hardest – sniffing out the source of the odour. Cat pee can have an extremely potent smell; one that can sometimes be a struggle to locate. It’s essential to find the source to make cleaning easier to plan.

    Search around both the supermarket and pet stores to find suitable cleaning products. While many standard cleaning products should the trick when it comes to removing a cat urine smell, you may need to consider products with a strong odour-masking smell.

    Take caution when applying the cleaning product – applying too much could cause irreparable damage to furniture or carpets. Gently rub the product onto the affected surface until the urine stain seems to disappear. If the cat has peed in a corner or on the side of a rug, lift up any covered areas to make sure the whole area is clean. Don’t stop cleaning until you are sure all the urine has disappeared. Once you have finished, open the windows to allow the smell of the odour to dissipate and spray air freshener to mask any lingering smells.

    Finally, while it’s natural that sometimes a cat cannot stop itself from urinating, you should consider why the problem is occurring. More litter training may be required to make sure the cat does not repeat this behaviour in future. If cat pee starts to become a common occurrence even when the cat is house-trained, it may be a sign of a medical problem, so don’t hesitate about consulting a vet.
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