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    How to find your lost cat?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 26 August 2011

    Unfortunately, especially during the summer months, many cats disappear. However, if your feline went out and hasn’t come back as usually, you shouldn’t panic. You must remember that cats have nine lives and survival mode always switched on. It might happen quite often that your cat simply has gone too far but it’s very likely it will make its own way home.

    The difference when searching for lost cats is weather your feline is an outdoor or indoor cats. Although indoor cats have usually no access to the outdoor world, it might happen they manage to escape. Probably, more than lost, your cat simply will be hiding as it might get scared of the new surrounding and unknown territory. You might be sure to find your indoor cat somewhere near your home. Do not expect your cat to make any noise as when scared they just freeze. Check in bushes, boxes, under a porch, try to search for it during the day and during the night. The case of the cats that have access to the outdoors but still are indoor cats is similar one. Although they are used to stay in outdoor, they might displace themselves and become scared because of some factors they haven’t seen before. This might make them to hide and turn on the hiding mode.

    Whereas looking for a lost indoor cat is in most of the cases quite easy, finding an outdoor cats is more complicated. As outdoor cats know their territory quite well and can make their own way home, if they do not come back for a longer period of time it might mean that they are injured or are hiding. In this case, the searching area is getting wider as you should seek for your cat within the whole neighbourhood. It might be a good idea to talk to the neighbours and try to place some flyers in the zone.

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