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    How to find your kitten?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceMonday 29 August 2011

    Most of the cats have their own ways to wander around. They simply get outside and sometimes it takes several days to go back home. However, if your cat has disappeared for a longer period of time and hasn’t come back, you should start to look for it. Although most of the cats know how to get back home, they might get scared so much that they simply enter in survival mode and hide waiting for rescue.

    For an indoor cat, the rescue action should not be too complicated as they do not tend to leave far away from their homes. If your cat managed somehow to get out, it has probably just got lost somewhere nearby. Search in bushes, boxes, pipes, under a porch, seek in the places where it could hide. Outdoor cats are more difficult tasks as they know their surroundings and if they get lost it is because of some external factors they do not know. They all can hide somewhere nearby or run several miles. It is good to inform the neighbours to help you search for your kitten, get posters and animal shelters informed about the missing kitten.

    Remember to prevent such situation and microchip your kitten.

    Here you can find some tips on how to microchip your cat.

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