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    How to Find Cats For Sale

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 07 April 2011

    Looking to buy a cat? You can find hundreds of kittens for sale on Kitten Ads, but before you search, you may find it useful to read the advice below to learn about the steps you need to take to pick that perfect cat.

    Learn more about finding cats for sale by reading the five tips that follow.


    How to Buy Cats: 5 Top Tips

    1.    Consider the breed

    Different cat breeds can have a wide range of temperaments – for instance some breeds are playful and curious, whilst others will be more than happy to sit back, relax and wallow in your affection. If you’re looking to buy a cat for the first time, it’s important to study cat breeds carefully so you have an expert understanding of the diverse traits of individual breeds. Learn more about different cats by reading our cat breed guides.

    2.    Ask the right questions

    It’s human nature to want to strike the right deal when you buy cats – and you may have lots of questions for the cat breeder or seller. Don’t shy away from asking them – after all, looking after a cat is a long term commitment, so it’s best to make a decision over whether to buy a cat from a position of strength. A breeder may also have several different cats for sale, and may be able to advise you further about which cat is the right match for your individual circumstances.

    3.    Safety in numbers

    Think about the social aspect when browsing cats for sale – might it be worth buying at least two kittens so they have a companion to play with. Cats are naturally playful, and may appreciate the extra company. Although the cost of keeping two cats may be extra, it could be a wise long term decision in relation to the happiness of a cat.

    4.    Consider the consensus

    This point is only relevant if you’re introducing a new cat into the family home for the first time – make sure you involve the whole family in the decision, as it can be one of the most rewarding moments of family life. Young children with no prior experience of keeping pets will love helping you make a decision as to which kitten to bring home, and may actually sway your decision if you’re undecided. Be careful, of course, that the heart doesn’t completely overall the head – or your house could well be inundated with a whole new family of kittens!

    5.    Prepare the house

    The first few days with the new arrivals are all important – and you’ll need to prepare your house in anticipation of your new feline friends. Kittens may take some time to adapt to using a litter tray, so in the first few weeks, try and confine them to one area of the house. If you have other pets, be careful about introducing the kittens – read our guide to introducing a cat to other pets to learn more. Try and cover expensive furniture as kittens will love to scratch around in the first few days. Offer up cat food and water at appropriate times of the day, and place plenty of cat toys around the house.

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