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    How to Find a Lost Cat | Kitten Ads

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 07 April 2011
    If you have a missing cat then do not panic, there are steps you can take to find a lost cat. Looking for a cat which is lost can be traumatic but you will want to do all you can to find your missing cat. This article will help you to find a cat that you may consider lost forever.

    Looking for a Cat – Instructions

  • Walk slowly calling your cat’s name. You do not want to startle your missing cat as she will be scared and nervous.

  • A lost cat will not come out of hiding, so you will have to listen carefully for whimpers and crying.

  • Make sounds that are familiar to your cat and you think will lure her out of her hiding place. Shaking a box of her favourite cat food or opening a can sometimes works.

  • Search at night, your missing cat may feel safer to come out after dark. Be particularly attentive to areas around parked cars and dustbins.

  • Finding a cat can be made easier by making some fliers with a photograph and description of your cat and hand them out in your local vicinity.

  • Some local newspapers will have a lost and found cats section. Check here regularly to see if your cat has been found.

  • If you have an animal shelter near you or a rescue centre then you should check to see that they haven’t picked up your cat.

  • Try placing a familiar item of clothing that smells of you in a cardboard box. Place the box in your garden as far from the house as possible. Regularly check that your lost cat hasn’t turned up in the box. Checking early in the morning and late at night is a good idea as you may find a cat sleeping inside.

  • Tips to Prevent having a Missing Cat

  • Have your cat micro-chipped.

  • Keep an eye on your cat if you have moved house recently.

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