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    How to find a Christmas gift for a cat lover?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 13 October 2011

    Find a Christmas gift for a cat lover can result fun but also quite frustrating. You should be able to recognize and know well the special interests your friends and relatives might have. Shopping for cat lovers is not different and finding cat-related items might be really easy. Read the article below to learn some tips and get some ideas to help you get great Christmas gift for a cat lover. 


    One of the best ideas is to start with a charity organizations. The Animal Rescue Centres not only accepts donations or help to rehome pets. They might offer you a chance to do something 'good'  by clicking to donate money, but also offer a great variety of cat related items. And that it's a perfect Christmas gift for a cat lover who not only loves to have everything realted with felines but also (and first of all) supports the charity organizations and rescue centres. Each gift you order comes with information about how much food your purchase can provide for sheltered animals and your cat lover will glow with pleasure at both the gift, and the donation. This is a perfect reflection of what Christmas is all about.

    You might also give a board game. Catopoly is a fun Monopoly version purrfect for your cat lover. Start a tradition of playing Catopoly on Christmas Eve and it really will be the gift that keeps on giving. Tokens are cat related, such as fish, mouse and milk bottles and spots on the board represent different cat breeds. You can easily order the game online, or pick it up at your larger pet store or supplier.




    Magazines for Cat lovers are another option. Getting a subscription to one of the magazines might be a great Christmas gift for your friends or relatives. Each cat lover and especially cat owner will love to read all the information about cat health, training and more. You might also think about getting your cat lover some special services, such as grooming for his cat, or pay for vet visits or check ups. Make up a gift certificate for weekly litter box cleaning and/or supplies. This not only insures your friend’s cat gets cared for, but your friend as well.


    Make up a gift basket for both owner and cat. Include some cat grass seeds and a pot and potting soil, some cat nip treats or toys, a cat picture frame and holiday ornament. Put it all in a woven basket kitty can sleep in. This gift will be both fun to put together and appreciated by the recipient.


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