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    How to feed your cat in the summer?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceMonday 27 June 2011

    In the summer when your cat tends to spend the whole day outside you should especially make sure to provide it food and fresh water at all times. Feeding feral cats results to be a big problem due to the bugs.

    The 30 minute rule should be respected. It means that after this time, all the uneaten food should be removed. Many cat owners tend to wait for the cat to appear near its bowl up to an hour. In the summer you should definitely avoid it. Tend to maintain clean and neat feeding areas and keep the cat’s bowls in one place in order to facilitate cleanup.

    A good idea to avoid insects around your feline’s food could be to surround the bowl with a ring of baking soda. Apart from the bugs, high summer temperatures might result a problem for preserving your cat’s food – it might get dry in the heat. The solution however is very easy, as by adding some extra water you make it fresh more time and you provide additional hydration for your kitten.

    Food is an important issue in the summer period, however, you should remember first of all about water. Always have extra bowl of fresh and cool water outside and place them in areas with some shadow. Water is crucial to prevent heatstroke in cats.

    Click here for more information on how to prevent heatstroke in cats.

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