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    How to exercise a Ragdoll cat?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceTuesday 20 September 2011

    Ragdolls are very sociable and affectionate animals. They love to spend time with humans and other cats. Ragdoll cat breed needs to be cared for just like any other, though the large size of Ragdoll cats and their thick coat and temperament require some special treatment. They will definitely need your time and affection as they love to participate in the family life. Read the article below to learn about the Ragdoll cat breed and follow few steps to keep your feline fit.

    Take your time to know the breed better, dedicate some minutes to study their personality and body type. Ragdolls are large cats that might weigh up to 25 pounds when they are adult. Ragdolls possess a fatty deposit on their abdomen that should not be misunderstood for obesity. It is simply part of the breed standard. Learn carefully about the Ragdolls and draw conclusions, for example, small cat toys are not suitable for Ragdolls to play with safely due to their large dimensions. Take your time to choose the right toys for your feline. There will be probably a big variety of things available in a pet store. 

    Try to get a large cat condo so the Ragdolls might climb and enjoy some chasing games with other cats in home if they are not alone. If your cat has not got a company, you should book some extra time every day to play with your feline. Ragdolls have a high play drive and are one of the few cat breeds that enjoy dog-like games, such as fetch etc. 20 minutes a day might will actually help to keep your Ragdoll fit and healthy. It will also has a great impact on boundaries with you.   

    Try to leash train your Ragdoll cat. You can learn few more tips on this topic in the separate article here

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