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    How to enjoy summer with your kitten?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceTuesday 28 June 2011

    You have been waiting so much time to enjoy your summer holidays and finally they have arrived. Although you have already decided what to pack in your luggage, still have not decided what to do with your pet? There are several options you should take into consideration after taking the final decision. Cats generally love to be in the environment they know well and it might result difficult to take them for a long journey, not mentioning the travel itself!

    However, if you have already decided what to do with your feline, whatever the decision is – whether your cat stays at home, you decide to take it with you or get your neighbour to look after the kitty, let us recommend you few steps to follow in order to enjoy your holidays.

    First of all, be happy and don´t let your cat get nervous because of your emotions. Maybe being a little happier will make it easier for both of you? If your cat stays at home, tend not too leave anything that your cat could break down and do not leave any poisonous ingredients, medications, liquids etc. Remember that you must protect you are your cat´s protection. Try to appreciate your cat, fuss your kitten over a bit and let your both enjoy each other company.

    To read how to prepare the journey read here.

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