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    How to enjoy a carefree camping with your cat?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceTuesday 28 June 2011

    Summer is here and when making plans for your holidays do not forget about your beloved felines. Camping and caravanning are great ways to enjoy holidays with your kitten. Read the article to learn about taking your cat with you on camping.

    You should always remember about choosing pet friendly parks. Pet friendly parks all have different conditions for allowing pets, so make sure you confirm with management the caravan / holiday park’s pet policy when you enquire. Always consider the temperament of your cat. If your feline likes to wander around and steal things from your neighbours it is better you leave your kitty at home or boarding cattery. However, if you think your cat can behave well, you should make sure its vaccinations are all up to date before you leave. During your holidays outdoors your cat might come into contact with non-vaccinated animals. It is also a good idea to take your kitty’s vaccination card with you just in case of emergency.

    Remember to take cat food and water bowls. High temperatures might cause serious health problems. Make sure you make all the necessary arrangements before you leave. Plan your travel well and get your cat accustomed to travelling by car if applicable. Take your kitty on short rides and see how it reacts. 

    Important: remember to always clean up after your cat! No matter where you are! Although you are enjoying your holidays outdoor you must bare in mind there are always other people next to you.  

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