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    How to encourage a lazy cat to exercise?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceMonday 22 August 2011

    Although activity of each cat depends on its breed, its laziness might also be related to other factors, such as obesity, poor diet, not good quality food, lack of exercises etc. A good cat owner should encourage its cat to physical activity in order to improve the well being of the feline. Below you can find some useful tips on how to encourage a lazy cat to exercise. 

    First of all, a good cat owner should provide his cat a good quality cat food so the feline have enough energy to exercise. However, one should not exaggerate with the amount of food given to the cat as it might lead to obesity and have a contrary effect. A change of cat food should not be a radical change and should be introduced gradually. This will make your cat feel healthier and better each day and it will shed less. Remember that the good quality food use meat as the main ingredient. You can also get some new toys to your cat. The cats love to play so you can think of providing your cat with variety of toys, some soft toys, and hard toys with bells inside, cat nip toys. Always encourage your cat to play with the toys by showing them to your feline. Learn how to play with your cat here. You can also think about getting a cat tower (you can also do it on your own!) if you have enough space. By placing it near the window your cat will definitely love it! 

    Another tricks to encourage your cat to be more active feline, you can try to give it some treats. However, do not simply leave it so your cat can take it wherever it wants but try to get your feline do a trick in order to get a treat! You might also get your cat to jump over obstacles (remember them not to be too high though). If your feline seems to resist all the possible way to get some extra exercise you might think of getting a companion. It should make your cat more active when another kitty is around! 

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