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    How to dress your cat for Halloween?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 27 October 2011

    Have you decided to celebrate Halloween with your feline? Still no idea what cat costume should you buy? Halloween is right the corner but do not worry, we have few simple steps to follow to solve your problem. Read our article below and find out how to dress your cat for Halloween.

    It is recommended that you introduce dress-up before Halloween. Don't just bust out the beaver costume on Halloween eve! Try introducing the costume to your cat long before trick-or-treat. Maybe this year you can start for something more basic and simple designs as there are only few days left! Think about it next time! As you keep dressing your kitten up, it gets used to it faster. Always bear in mind the safety of your cat, watch out for your kitten's ears, nose, whiskers, paws etc. Cats don't particularly like their ears clamped down by costumes. Get somebody to help you with the dressing up process! Call your friends, relatives etc. A helping hand from a friend may be needed to get your cat in a costume. Get the ktitens once they're relaxed. A comfortable kitty is a better model. Be careful about sizes. Before you purchase the costume, bear in mind that each one is different. Check each costume's individual measuring and never assume that one costume in an XL is going to fit the same way as another costume in an XL.

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