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    How To Discipline Your Cat/Kitten

    Articlegeneral cat adviceTuesday 09 October 2012

    To train your kitten, you need to be soft but stern. If there is something that your cat is doing, for example, scratching your furniture, here’s how to correct their behaviour. Something like this may include you also buying something to substitute this habit, such as, a scratch pad, because scratching and filing down their nails is necessary for cats.


    Here are a few different methods of discipline. Work out which one is best for you and your cat.

    1. The old spray water bottle. Now, some people don’t like to use this which is entirely fine, but it can be a good way for the cat to associate doing a bad habit with something horrible that they don’t like and they will stop doing it.

    An important thing to remember is that you can only tell your pet off once they have just done/are doing the bad thing because if it is afterwards they won’t connect the punishment to what they were doing before so won’t understand why you are doing this. It will just be cruel.

    1. Some cats will just respond to your voice. By simply saying ‘no’ in a strong and stern tone, they may know what they are doing is wrong and therefore that is all you will need to do.

    Also remember that it may take a while for your cat to learn that this action is bad so stick with one method for a while and you will see that it will begin to work; if it doesn’t you can then try something else.

    1. A good way to gently discipline your kitten is to tap them on the nose. You can accompany this with a stern no also. This should stop your cat from doing what they are doing but in a soft way. You still want your kitten to love you don’t you?

    Violence is definitely not the way. This will only make your cat scared and uncomfortable. Why would you want a cat to then push them away?

    1. Making loud noises. For example, clapping is a good way to stop your cat from what he is doing. This will frighten him and again, he will associate this action with something negative.
    1. Lastly, a gentle push can get the right message across. Either moving them from where they are so they can do what they were doing or pushing them away is a simple but effective movement to change the cats behaviour.


    Check out our accessories for sale that may help you with these discipline techniques.


    Photo by Joeseph Sardin


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