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    How to Discipline a Cat

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 07 April 2011

    Cat behaviour can sometimes be an issue for all cat lovers. There may be certain cat problems you have that need to be stopped. There are ways to discipline a cat so that your pet knows not to act up. By letting the cat know that he has done wrong he will desist from whatever he is doing that is bad. See the following advice on correcting cat behaviour.



    The first thing you could do when cat behaviour is out of hand, is to use a spray bottle. By spraying the cat with a bit of water each time it does something bad, you will send the message that this will happen every time he misbehaves. Cats find sprayed water irritating, but it does not harm them (just avoid the ears).

    Another way to deal with such cat problems is to use a loud noise. Every time your pet shows poor cat behaviour, shake something like a can full of coins in his direction. When you discipline a cat like this, the loud noise accompanied by you raising your voice, should send a clear message to stop.

    If one of your cat problems involves the cat biting you too much, or behaving aggressively, use your palm to push away his face firmly.

    The tone of your voice is also a good tool when you want to discipline a cat. By using a different tone and discouraging words like “NO”, the cat will recognise the change.

    Whenever the cat displays good habits and behaviour, issue him a treat to show that he is being good. For instance, when the cat uses his scratching post instead of your furniture, give him a nice and tasty treat to reward him.

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