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    How to cut your cat fur in the summer?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceWednesday 20 July 2011

    Cats were originally desert animals, but it does not mean that they do not need your help with their fur during the summer months. Cats coming from northern colder areas have long fur and large bodies in order to keep warm during the winter but in the summer they definitely need your help to stay cool.

    A healthy cat should lose its winter coat and shed its hair in spring or summer. However, in order to keep your cat cool during the summer high temperatures and to know whether you should cut your kittens fur or not, you should bare in mind your cat’s fur, its length, body shape, density of undercoat etc. Sometimes cats adapt themselves easy to the climate changes and you will not have to do anything in this case (just have your cat’s comb nearby). Also the shedding may depend on your cat’s exposure to the sun and outdoors. Indoor cats do not tend to loose their fur or change it as the atmosphere and climate do not change for it.

    Remember that grooming your cat is a year round task that makes your pet healthy.

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