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    How to comb out a Persian cat?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 30 September 2011

    Persian cats are large and sturdy cats with stocky legs and large round tufty paws. This breed is characteristic for its round and flat faces with small, rounded ears and large eyes. Persian cats are long-haired breed and have large and bushy tails. Because of this, Persian cats might need especially your help when coming to grooming. Regularly brushing your Persian cat will help you reduce shedding in the house and also will keep your cat healthy as it helps to prevent the hairballs. In the article below you will find some useful tips on how to comb out your Persian cat.

    Although most of the cats enjoy being groomed, you should start to do it as early as possible, the best thing is to start when your Persian cat is still a young kitten. Show your feline that grooming is nice experience and create bonds between you and your pet. Remember to do it at regular basis as it will help to prevent painful matted fur in your Persian cat. To start grooming you should first gather all the necessary tools you might need during the whole process. Having everything in one place will help you to go through the grooming quickly and without any complications. Get your kitten to approach you, sit on the floor with it or on the couch. The formal grooming table is too much if your cat has no special problems and is in good condition for combing. Remember not to stress out your cat and show it that combing is something normal and not big deal.

    Once you get your Persian cat next to you, start combing on the top of its head, do it slowly using upward motions with the shedding comb. Remember to comb only in the direction of the hair growth otherwise it might result incomfortable for your cat. Comb down the body to the tail area of your Persian cat. Be careful, as this area is very sensitive to touch and your cat might get anxious. Use extra caution around the base of the tail on male cats that are not neutered. You might need leather gloves for protection if necessary. Lift your cat's front legs and comb the entire chest area. Remember to talk to your cat and make it natural process. When holding your cat in this way, remember to use caution as back claws are very sharp and the chest area is also very sensitive. The grooming is very important in this area so if you prefer, get the leather gloves for your protection. When finished, remember to comb out the tail. Scruff your cat in order it does not pull or run away. Remove the hair from the comb as it begins to fill and go through the combing process once again. Clean and sanitize the combing tools after each use in order to prevent skin problems from recurring if any are present.

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