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    How To Choose A Cattery For Your Cat?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceMonday 23 May 2011

    Leaving your beloved cat in a cattery might become more stressful for you than for you pet so think about it before going away on holidays and prepare your cat and yourself for this temporary change and choose a boarding service carefully.

    The best way to find a boarding cattery for your cat is by asking other pet owners, your friends, veterinarian or the staff at your pet store. They can be able to recommend you something for sure. Ask how long the person has boarded his cat at the cattery, how many days did he stayed there, has any special requirements been met, try to get a contact person so you can meet him/her and sort out doubts you might have.

    There are also many websites dedicated to browse catteries. On you can find a list of catteries around UK here. You can also enter forums or directly check catteries offers online as many of them have their own websites. There is always the ‘Contact Us’ section so you can send an e-mail or call the cattery staff.

    Once you find your local boarding cattery, we recommend that you visit it before leaving your pet there. It’s just to make sure it is clean and adequately sized. You should check the sleeping areas, ask questions to the staff: how many cats there are, what they are doing during the day, etc. You should find out whether there are any dogs in order to prevent stressful situations. The sight, smell or noise from dogs in kennels can be very stressful for cats and is best avoided. Some catteries provide indoor accommodation only. Most cats prefer an outdoor run. Outdoor runs also give improved ventilation that prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses within the cattery.

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