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    How to care for Persian cats?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceFriday 18 November 2011

    Persian cats are large, solid and sturdy cats with stocky legs and large round tufty paws. Persians have round , flat faces with small, rounded ears and large round eyes. They have large bushy tails with long flurry coats. If you have thought of getting a Persian cat, you know that they need special care. Persians are wonderful, beautiful cats, and caring for one can be one of life's most rewarding experiences. Read the article below to learn how to take care for your Persian cat.

    With their long fur, Persians need grooming and should be brushed every day. If you think that you are unable to meet this requirement then Persian cats are simply not for you. Persians are cats that have a limited ability to groom themselves. You shouldl brush your Persian with a metal comb twice a day to prevent knots and ensure that their fur remains clean and shiny. Wiping your cat daily with baby wipes will keep it clean and smelling good. Baby wipes are best as they do not cause allergies and are not toxic to pets in generally.

    In case that your Persian already has knots, the best thing to do is to take it immediately to a professional groomer with Persian experience. Knots can be painful for a Persian, as it pulls on their delicate skin, and may even cause cuts. Many Persians have problems with their tear ducts, and may get stains and discharge around their eyes. If this sounds like your Persian, make sure to buy appropriate eye wipes for your cat, and clean the eyes and nose area every day. Failure to do so may cause blockage of their nose, causing your cat breathing difficulties.

    Feeding your Persian is crucial to keep the cat healthy and happy. The best food would be one for indoor cats, that have all necessary nutrients to keep your cat in tip-top shape, full of disposition and with a beautiful and shiny coat. Make sure you make enough time daily to play with your Persian. As this cat breed is usually kept indoors, you have to be sure that you will keep its mind stimulated at all times. This means getting it interesting toys to play with and a varied diet.

    Persians are extremely picky cats  and they like to have their litter boxes cleaned daily. Choose a good brand cat litter that will take care of any bad smells to ensure your Persian is comfortable with using the little box. Also make sure that your Persian have its own window where it can sunbathe and  watch the world.

    Persians can live as long as 20 years, and to ensure that your Persian will live that long too, annual vet visits are just necessary. Make sure your feline is up-to-date with all the necessary vaccinations and check-ups.

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    Text source: ehow; image source: animalsspecies.blogspot


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