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    How to care for dry skin on Maine Coon cats?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 29 September 2011

    Maine Coons, one of the largest domestic cat breeds, are often called the "gentle giants" of the cat world. Maine Coons are "medium-to-long-haired cats with silky, heavy, water-resistant coats" that protect them from cold weather, according to the educational staff at Regular grooming is required to prevent small tangles from becoming large mats of fur that can attract dirt and cause dry skin, itchiness and discomfort that may be stressful for your Maine Coon.

    Maine Coons are long-haired kittens and therefore need grooming. Remember to comb through the fur as gently as possible and deal carefully with all the tangles you might find. Start always near the end of the tangled fur rather than near your Maine Coon's skin. It is recommended you use a grooming rake to remove all the loose hair from the undercoat once there are no any more tangles left. All the tasks should be done by using the appropriate combs, brushes and scissors designed for cat grooming only. It is good to think about buyin a slicker brush or pin brush to brush your Maine Coon fur and use it at regular basis. Brushing your Maine Coon frequently increases circulation in your cat's skin and allows to distribute natural oils. The risk of cat's dandruff or dry skin might increase if your feline is not groomed regularly but also when it is not grooming itself properly, for example due to the weight problems and obesity or due to old age. It is important you take all the factors into consideration when grooming your cat. Mats and tangles usually cannot be removed by brushing and combing but it is recommended you try it first. If you fail to deal with it, use grooming scissors. Remember to avoid nicking or cutting your Maine Coon's skin. It might cause various skin infections later on. When necessary, bathe your Maine Coon with hypoallergenic cat shampoo. Remember not to do it quite often as your cat's skin might loose all its protective oils if it is bathed too often.

    Proper diet and nutrition will also help to care for your Maine Coon's skin. You should always choose a high-quality cat food appropriate for the size and age of your cat. Always get familiar with cat food labels to make sure the ingredients are fine. You should choose products where the first ingredient is the animal protein and that the food contains little or no grain, artificial flavours, colourings or fillers. The food should also be reach in fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6. You might get extra supplements such as fish oil to reduce the dry skin problems. By adding it to your Maine Coon's food you can maintain natural oils in your cat's fur. Provide your cat with an access to the fresh and clean water at all times in order to keep your feline hydrated.

    The environment factors are also very important. You should vacuuming your flat often as it reduces fleas and allergens, flea eggs, mites and others. Calm living conditions are also crucial as stress and anxiety might make some cats to lick and chew excessively or stop grooming.

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