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    How to calm down a hyperactive cat?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceMonday 22 August 2011

    Your cat might be the calmest kitty in the world, however it happens that it simply goes mad, starts to gnaw your new sofa or drop things all over the place. If your feline seems to be irritated and sometimes you just do not know from where your cat has so much energy, you should read this article as it might help you to calm down your cat. 

    If your cat tends to scratch on the door during all night until you let it in, you should first of all stay cool and be patient. A cat’s meowing is so emotional for humans that they simply give up and let the kitty in. However, you shouldn’t respond to your cat’s meows every time it seeks your attention. You can also think about installing a cat door flap so your kitten may enter whenever it wants.

    As letting your cat in the house has a simple solution as a door flap, you should never let your cat destroy your house. It is normal that your cat, just like humans, need some space. You might think about getting a small room or some separate space for your kitten so it can get used to it and have its own space. Try to make it your cat’s home: feed your cat there and give it some toys or blanket. Providing your kitten with toys to chew might stop it from destroying your new sofa or furniture.

    All cats are intelligent animals and they learn fast what they can do and what they are banned. Hyperactivity in cats will definitely disappear if you take your time and stay patient.

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