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    How to calm down a cat?

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 27 October 2011

    Is your cat full of personality? Has your cat become emotionally dependent to you? So clingy that you simply cannot stand it? Doesn't let you sleep during the night? Or is your cat just so nervous that cannot stay calm even for one minute? Well, cats can become irritable for any number of reason, such as another pet entering the house, the presence of a perceived threat or a change in environment. Read the article below to learn how to calm down your cat.

    There are many possibilities as to why your cat may acts like this. Waking you up at night might be due to late dinenrs, the family members come home and leave for day, etc. It's more of a conditioned response from a pattern which is being continually reinforced. If you would like to change/adjust his schedule to yours consider by playing with him using more physical active activities (e.g. laser light) using interactive play toys for 10-15 minutes prior to bedtime to exhaust him so he'll sleep longer. If your cat isn't free fed (food available at all times) some people who feed their cats on schedule (once in the morning and once at night) have found that by feeding right just before bedtime also note that this has a sedating effect because their tummy's are full. This particular method isn't known to many, as most people are not willing to consider it, however one of the things we as animal trainers/behaviourists do to break bad behaviours with animals is to ignore the undesired behaviour.

    Now, to calm down your cat you might need some cat herbs to soothe its nerves. Thyme and camomile are effective in helping to calm your cat down in certain situations. You can also try to add these herbs to your cat's bowl with water, give them in pill form or sprinkle them on the cat's food. Administer over-the-counter aids to help calm a cat down. There are many medications sold on the web and at your vet's office that can help. Remember to always follow dosage instructions and it is recommended that you ask your vet before giving your cat any medications. Try holding your cat if their anxiety level is too high. Gently take hold of the skin between the cat's head and neck. This is a good move to use when you have to hold your anxious cat and calm him. Speak in calm and soothing tones until the anxiety has passed.Travel with your cat's food and favorite toys. Make sure you have a travel crate that is big enough for your cat to move around in easily. Put his favorite toys in the crate when you travel. This will help keep him calm. Stop frequently to check you pet's well-being and to let him know you're there. Try to place the crate where he can hear the familiar voices of you and your family. 

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