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    How to Buy Rescue Kittens

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 07 April 2011

    Buying rescue kittens is a great way of helping out animals. Sadly, too many cats are abandoned or made homeless by their owners for one reason or another, every year. By visiting a kitten rescue centre, you could find free cats or kittens for sale to take home and care for properly. See the following for a guide on helping out rescue kittens.


    • Kitten rescue homes take in abused or abandoned cats and care for them until they can be re-homed with a new family. At these centres, the cats receive the appropriate training and treatment for any behavioural or health issues, before they can be offered as kittens for sale to the public.


    • Often, in kitten rescue homes the rescue kittens may not have a known history of breeding or any other background information. However, it is possible to find pedigree and cross breed kittens for sale too. All rescue kittens should be considered though, as they all require new homes and proper care.


    • According to the particular kitten rescue centre, procedures of acquiring cats can vary. Many organisations will need forms filled out, you may be interviewed, and sometimes you will have to undergo a home visit, so that they can check your living situation is suitable for rescue kittens. 
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