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    How to Buy Munchkin Kittens for Sale

    Articlegeneral cat adviceThursday 07 April 2011

    Are you thinking about buying Munchkin kittens for sale? Before you buy Munchkin kittens you should seriously think if they will suit your lifestyle. This article on buying Munchkin kittens will give you some information on the breed and how to buy Munchkin kittens for sale from a reputable breeder.


    Munchkin Kittens – Characteristics


    Physical Appearance – Cobby and medium sized with very short legs. The coat of Munchkin kittens is silky and can be long or short. You can get Munchkin kittens in many different colours.


    Character – Sociable and Affectionate. Munchkin kittens like to be lap cats and get on well with all age groups.


    Grooming – Moderate


    Munchkin Kittens – Is the Breeder Reputable?


    When you go to visit a breeder you should ask as many questions as you can. Don’t be afraid to have a look around and take a close look at the Munchkin kittens for sale and their environment. Below you will find some things to look out for you should think twice if you find any of the following:


    • Strong smell of urine and faeces.
    • Litter trays are dirty.
    • No fresh water available.
    • More than one or two litters of kittens at a time.
    • Breeder doesn’t have a great knowledge of the breed.
    • Breeder denies that there are no hereditary defects.
    • The breeder will let you take the kitten before it is 9 weeks old.
    • The mother or kittens look weak or dull.
    • You are not allowed to see the mother.
    • The breeder will not be vaccinating the kittens before they leave the home.
    • Breeder pressurises you to buy the kitten without asking you any questions about yourself.



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